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The Sims 4 Android: Finally There Is A Version For Android Smartphones

Most of you will know that The Sims 4 was released back in 2014 and was sold in 10 million copies. This makes it one of the most popular games of all times, specifically appealing to the variety of gamers. In 2019, you have a unique ability to try out The Sims 4 Android. Yes, today you can download and install the game on your Android smartphone and enjoy all the benefits. Keep in mind that this is the full game, developed specifically for Android operative system!

System requirements

Sims 4 APK will need to be downloaded using the fast network. It requires around 200MB of space, which isn’t much, compared to the fact this is a full game that comes with all possibilities identical to the PC game.
The game runs on most Android smartphones of the older generation and all new smartphones. It requires:

  • Android 4.0 or later
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Dual core processor
  • 200-250MB of space

That’s it. As you can see, almost all smartphones used today will be able to run the game smoothly, without any complications or lags. The game doesn’t require an internet connection for most operations. However, if you are planning to purchase something within the game, an internet connection is a must. Luckily, even slow networks will get a job done.


Gameplay: You will be surprised

One of many reasons why Sims 4 is so popular game is a state of the art gameplay. A good thing is that the gameplay for the Android version shares the same base and the same advantages as the one for PC. In other words, you still can explore a free-roam world with countless possibilities. You will be in the shoes of a specific character, which will have a life you decide instead of him. That means that you can make it fat, athletic, stylish or even a weird character. It is up to you.
In the Android game, we are surprised by the elements and mechanisms that are identical to the original version. For instance, you still get the ability to choose between 40 different hairstyles and 18 colors of the hair per a style.
The next best thing is the age of a character. You are free to choose between all the ages implemented into the PC game. As such, you can play as a baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, older adult, and senior. For most of us, adult age will be the most appealing and definitely the one to go for. It gives you the most options, it makes the gameplay better and more desirable. But, some gamers prefer starting from an early age of a character and slowly develop him through the normal, age span.
When it comes to the clothes, all are supported. You can choose between countless outfits, pieces of clothes or complete styles. It is up to you to make your character look as you like. However, the game, more accurately the PC version supports different outfits only. The Android version supports 10, which is a worthy upgrade.
Now the navigation in the Sims 4 Android version. The original PC game used to click and drag system which was a bit complicated. The 4th generation replaced it with adding the standard click-based movement. The Android versions share the same navigation. All you have to do is to click on the desired area and a character will go there or complete an action.


Building and purchasing mode

Another important element of the game is bought and build mode. What this means is that you will spend the simoleons, which is in-game currency in The Sims 4 Android game. As the name suggests, you have the ability to buy or build. The first option is to buy a pre-made building. It is actually a more affordable alternative and the choice of options is massive. As you would expect, each building can be adapted, modified and adjusted according to your own needs.
The latest version of the game allows us to change the wall heights, to move the entire lots and the entire rooms. In the built variation, you have added possibilities which are essential for making a home or a room precisely as you like.
The build mode is commonly reserved and used for gamers who want to create something 100% unique and different within the game. It requires a bit of patience and effort, but the limits are truly endless.
A buy mode is a safer option. You get the ability to choose from already constructed homes and all you need is to pay for them, using the aforementioned in-game currency. Once you are done, the character will enter the house and be ready to use all of its features. Keep in consideration that buys mode will be based on your in-game income and the amount of currency you have. If you want more, The Sims 4 apk game is optimized to run with a specific generator. What this means is that you can use a cheat code to get the in-game currency. With a simple method that literally requires 2 minutes of your time, you will be able to generate up to 100.000 simoleons. With the cheat, the possibilities in the game are endless.

2 worlds are now available as well

If you played the PC version, you recall that there are two worlds in the game. They are Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. The Sims 4 apk file also includes both worlds. Obviously, they are optimized for the Android phones and the graphics are corresponding. There are a few points we will have to reveal regarding the worlds in the game.
The first point is that there are 5 neighborhoods in each world. These are massive areas of the world which are used for residency, work and etc. Each player has the ability to choose between the neighborhoods that he prefers, likes or wants to be in. Each area is loaded with 21 lots or homes. Each lot is a separate home that can be used by one or more characters. Once again, all of this is identical as with the PC version of the game, which is impressive.
A separate point is the expansion packs which were common on the PC version. Sadly, there are no expansion packs at the moment for the Sims 4 APK file you can download today. However, it is believed and expected that the game will soon be paired with the first expansion for smartphones. Right now it is impossible to tell what the expansion will bring or which possibilities are going to be added to the game, but we believe it is probably going to be associated with the work, love or families in the game. For reference, the PC version has a Go to Work expansion, which may be the first Android game expansion.

Patches included in The Sims 4 apk file

Some of you will know that Sims 4 comes with many, almost countless patches that add new options, possibilities or new features to the game. We are proud to reveal that the Android game comes with almost all patches that were released between October the 1st. 2014 and November 2018. As you would expect, there are many upgrades. We will point out just a few, which are the most important.
Probably the most appealing part or update to the game was the implementation of new elements in the game. As such, we were able to add basements swimming pools and new appliances in the kitchen. This makes the possibility list in the game longer and more appealing. Although irrelevant, we should add that the new costumes, including Star Wars, were added as well.
When we take a look at the building mode, we can see several upgrades. These include 4 new terrain tools, 4 new roofs and glass elements which can be added to a house. The first person camera is available as well and it has been more than just appreciated patch upgrade.
If we take a look at other upgrades, we can see that Sims now can wear hot or cold outfits, according to the weather in the game, they can hire nannies and they can use cell phones. All of this makes the entire game more versatile and more realistic.
All of which and so much more is available in the Android Sims 4 game and you can explore all the benefits features and possibilities today. The game is free to download and it can be installed in any smartphone. Yes, you can also play it on a computer, with a corresponding emulator. Anyway, the limits don’t exist with Android Sims 4 game!

Download the game and experience the ultimate thrill

Thanks to The Sims 4 Android game now you don’t have to stay at home and play the game on your computer. You can enjoy it literally anywhere, while at school, at work or while sitting in a park. It is the fully stable version which includes all features like the PC game, which was a stunning success for developers.